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Letters to Editors:

Advertisers Hijack Your Right To Watch What You Want To

Thursday, 02 February 2017

We watch ads because we have to.  They're the price we pay for the opportunity to watch the programmes we want to.

Recently, many of us have discovered the set-top box, which allows us to pre-record programmes and then watch them at our leisure, and skip the commercials.

Now, however, the broadcasters have decided to force us to watch the commercial trash which precedes the programmes.  They have done this by doing away with a convention established when television was first established in NZ more than 50 years ago, called the FADE TO BLACK.  This constitutes a blank space between the programme proper and the commercial "break" (note the term BREAK, which indicates an interval of time between the programme proper and the blare of the huckster's voice. 

The broadcasters have done away with this interval, forcing us to watch the commercials, whether we want to or not.  There is no longer any physical space between the two, no opportunity to switch.

What happened to Freedom of Choice? 

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