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Our 'voice'? - 08 February 2017

The Dominion Post - Letters to Editor

For days now, TVNZ has been promoting itself as the voice of New Zealand and promising us Waitangi Day coverage from morning till night.

And what does it offer those who cannot afford Sky TV and want to watch something in the afternoon?  Four and a half hours of American football, for goodness' sake.

Apart from its being an absolutely pointless and idiotic game, where is its place on our so called national day?  TVNZ our national broadcaster?  Yee hah.

 KILIAN V de LACY, Levin

Sports coverage - 08 February 2017

The Dominion Post - Letters to Editor

What a waste of prime-time television viewing and monetary resources Television New Zealand has spent promoting the American "Super Bowl Live", a small minority sport here and easily viewed on pay-TV's Sky.

Instead of promoting sports we actually play and excel at, they pander to a few supporters and sponsors.

They do not televise live our national sports of rugby union and league, cricket, netball and golf, to name a few.

Our mainstream media, excluding Maori Television, has a history of ignoring lack of support for our sportsmen and women.

Delayed coverage of the one-day Chappell Hadlee cricket series against Australia, no coverage of the Auckland Nines, White Ferns, New Zealand Breakers, Netball Ferns Quad Series and Wellington Phoenix personifies that these overpaid executives have no vision or imagination when picking programming for New Zealanders who actually watch TV.

I have spent a lifetime regularly watching local and regional TV with absolutely no experience in the media, a showy degree in broadcasting or pretentious career in entertainment, but I know I can do a better job than existing programmers.


PRONOUNCED DIFFlCULTY - 04 February 2017

NZ Listener - Letters to Editor

Is the inability of New Zealand cricket commentators to pronounce Colin de Grandhomme's name correctly the result of ignorance, arrogance or laziness?

Mind you, when TVNZ 1's sports anchor is unable to differentiate between "air" and "ear" ("The ball went flying through the ear") and tennis commentators annually maul the names of visiting players, perhaps it isn't surprising.  Surely it is not too much to expect all involved to be coached before going on air.

 Peter Smith (Devonport)