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Sky Sports Monopoly

Monday, 15 May 2017

Sky Television's withdrawal of their lower cost FANPASS is another example of poor corporate behaviour by an organisation enjoying a monopoly on major sporting events.  This action deserves inquiry by the Commerce Commission.

Sky had offered potential subscribers a way in which they could access British and Irish Lions Tour of New Zealand coverage without being obliged to sign up to the added expense of a year's subscription.  They have now withdrawn the offer.

This action recalls the equally exploitive and anti-competitive offer made by Sky Television when they first established in NZ in 1987, which was to screen programmes free of interruption by commercials.  This offer was withdrawn as soon as Sky had netted a sufficient number of subscribers to allow them to exploit their sports monopoly.

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Kiwi League Players hit the Cocaine

Monday, 15 May 2017

Former Kiwi Rugby League captain, Jesse Bromwich

Former Kiwi Rugby League captain, Jesse Bromwich

Kiwi Rugby League player Kevin Proctor

Kiwi Rugby League player Kevin Proctor

I must say I find it difficult to feel any sympathy for the two Kiwi Rugby League players who take a thumping from the Aussies [5 May 2017] and then proceed to snort cocaine.

On the other hand, these are immature overpaid professionals who earn their living by brawling in front of baying crowds who pay to see them do this, so we shouldn't expect too much of them.

They are immersed in double standards to such an extent that they surely would have to be in a permanent state of dazed confusion, even without the drugs.  The TV ads, their playing gear and the ground signage are all replete with ads commending the use of alcohol ...  and they are expected to themselves abstain from mind-altering substances like cocaine?

And then the media play the whole thing as if it were a national scandal!

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